The Social Plant-Based Experience


After a plant-based diet rid South Shore native and entrepreneur Pat McAuley of a number of health issues he battled since childhood, he was all in.  He left his career in craft beer and set out to share his story in hopes of positively impacting the lives of others.  He soon realized there was a major problem... there was nowhere for him to eat in the Boston area.  Even worse, there was nowhere to hang out and enjoy a few craft beverages alongside a plant-based meal.  Not cool...  So, like any beer loving entrepreneur would do, Pat set out to solve the problem and make plant-based eating more convenient, approachable, and fun in Boston.

As fate would have it, a friend of a friend introduced Pat to Marissa Hughes, a restaurant industry veteran who shared his passion for plant-based cuisine.  Marissa just so happened to know one of the premier plant-based chefs in all of Boston, Will Hernandez, and the rest was history.  Rewild is a reflection of Pat, Marissa, and Will's collective life experiences.  You'll notice taco's inspired by Will's El Salvadorian roots, fish and chips inspired by Marissa's childhood summers in Rhode Island, and a draft list inspired by Pat's excessive beer snobbery.


Rewild is Boston's first 100% plant-based beer hall & cafe.  We combine the best local craft beer, wine, kombucha, and artisinal coffee with plant-based versions of your favorite pub foods in a social atmosphere that celebrates local artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. 


We're on a mission to make plant-based dining more accessible, approachable, and fun.

Welcome to the social plant-based dining experience.